Third Grade 2017 – 2018 Blog

We’re Back on Track with a Busy Full Week

Dear Third Grade Families, What a whirlwind of a first full week in October! Our Third Graders were ready to jump right into the flow of school, and were focused and dedicated workers all week. Over the last couple weeks we started working in partnerships across three of our subject areas. They include: Social Studies → We partnered together in order to create a definition AND draw a picture of a specific landform or waterform that can be found in New York State. In our group, we had to decided the important characteristics that define each specific water- or landform...
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Happy 5778!

Dear Third Grade Families, Shana Tovah! – we hope you have had a wonderful start to 5778! Third Graders started many new activities this week, including homework, social studies and narrative writing strategies. Math: Over the past two weeks, we have been focusing on ordering and comparing numbers. Continuing from Second Grade, we use the image of an alligator eating the greater number, when comparing two numbers. In Third Grade, we expand on this by explaining the order of the words. Students are understanding that we answer greater/less than questions by comparing the left number to the right number. For...
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A Busy Second Week

Dear Third Grade Families, Can you believe that we just finished our first full week of school! Before you know it, it will be June and your students will be ready for Fourth Grade. There were many activities we worked on this week. Some you will see on Monday, September 18, during “Back to School Night,”. One such activity was writing about our academic hopes and dreams for Third Grade. As a group, we came together to talk about different aspects of ourselves we hope to strengthen. Some of the things we discussed were being able to quickly come up...
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Great First Week Back!

Dear Third Grade Families, What an exciting first week we had! Throughout their time in the General Studies room, students were not only able to to get to know their teachers, but also to learn more than they thought they knew about each other. As students played  “Get to Know You Bingo” they learned fun facts such as, a few students play musical instruments (such as violin, piano and ukulele), some are pet owners (one of whom named the new puppy “Fluffy), many love to read, and many enjoy playing sports (such as soccer and volleyball). While we are a...
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Welcome to the Third Grade!

Dear Third Grade Families, We hope you had a wonderful summer! Welcome to an exciting year of learning in third grade! The first day of school is fast approaching and we are busy preparing the classrooms. This year, the third grade team includes both new and returning teachers. General studies teacher, Hilary Davis, and general studies associate teacher, Alisa Cohen, are thrilled to be joining the Senesh community. Returning teachers, Ilana Swisa and Aliza Donath are excited to continue their work in third grade, teaching Hebrew and Judaic studies respectively. We would love to find out more about your child...
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