Kindergarten 2017 – 2018 Blog

Sukkot, Simchat Torah and Back to Regular Schedule

Dear Kindergarten Families, We had an exciting first full week of school! Our kindergartners feel really comfortable, confident and engaged with their friends and learning activities. In English Language Arts, we learned the letter E and the sound /e/ it makes (like in /egg/). We practiced forming upper and lowercase letters Ee using Handwriting Without Tears books, wooden planks, dry erase boards and wiki stix. We encouraged the children to draw pictures of things that begin with letters D and E and try to label their pictures. We worked on Words Their Way spelling activities practicing beginning sounds M, L,...
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Tasting Apples, Doing Tashlich and much more!

Dear Kindergarten Families, We hope you had a wonderful Holiday! This week was a lot of fun! We had 5 Mystery Guests: Tovi’s family from Sydney told us about various animals that live in Australia, Yahli’s mom read a fun book in Hebrew “Go Away, Monster!” and created fun monsters with the children, and Abby’s aunt from Melbourn came to visit us and taught us some songs! We also met our 4th grade buddies on Thursday! Our buddies made cards for us and took us on a Scavenger Hunt around the school. It was so fun! Ask your child about...
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Our First Full Week of Kindergarten

Dear Kindergarten Families, We have completed the first full week of Kindergarten! It’s such a pleasure to see the smiling faces of our students in the morning, budding friendships and more confidence in finding their way around the school! We are continuing to practice our classroom routines and rules, making friends and learning each other’s names. In Language Arts, we began learning the Alphabet by introducing letter A a, and the sound /a/ it makes, as in apple. The children practiced making letter A with wooden sticks, play dough, writing it on dry erase boards and with shaving cream. We...
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The First Week of Kindergarten

Dear Parents, We had a wonderful first week in Kindergarten! It was a great pleasure to meet this fun group of curious, excited, eager and thoughtful students. While there is a lot to learn about their new school, classroom routines and procedures, the kindergarteners are very open and ready to try all the new things. Every morning, we start with Morning Meeting and Tefillah, discuss classroom rules and learn about our two groups, the Yellow and Green Butterflies. We have been exploring all of the areas of the classroom and the school. The children had two specials this week –...
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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Kindergarten Families, We are very excited to welcome you to Kindergarten! We are looking forward to a great year! Together, we’ll be exploring, learning, playing, singing and growing throughout your first year at Hannah Senesh. As you know, there is an optional visit to the Kindergarten classroom on Thursday, August 31, and we look forward to meeting some of you then. The official first day of school is Tuesday, September 5th! We will meet you in the school gym at 9:00 am. Please bring a small labeled snack (kosher and nut-free), a labeled water bottle and change of clothes (labeled, in a Ziploc bag or shoe box) for...
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