Message from the Head of School

דבר המנהלת

nicole_152x172Welcome to Hannah Senesh Community Day School, an independent school for independent thinkers.  Students at Senesh are encouraged to explore, investigate, and dissect all the world has to offer, and to do so with an open mind and discerning eye. We are preparing the next generation of American Jewish leaders to appreciate the lessons and values of an ancient tradition as they ably make their mark on the modern world.

Our students acquire fundamental skills and core knowledge by way of critical thinking and open inquiry, constantly seeking out ways to expand and enhance understanding.  A dual curriculum of general and Judaic studies provides multiple pathways to learning, and allows students to experience the richness and depth of the material.  We are constantly making connections–to the past, to the future, to each other–that help students formulate strong and positive identities.

We are a learning community and we are a family.  Years after graduation, alumni still note that the relationships they built with classmates and teachers are the cornerstone of their Senesh experience.  These relationships are maintained for years after our graduates leave, reinforcing values of respect, caring, and dedication.  We celebrate our joys together, and support each other through times of need.  Families are like that.

During my 20 year tenure, I have had the opportunity to serve the school in a number of capacities, growing and leading the school through many stages.  My years as teacher, curriculum coordinator, Assistant Head of School, and now Head of School, have made me more committed to the ideals of Hannah Senesh and more convinced of the importance of the mission and vision of our school.  It is gratifying to reflect on the growth and development of Hannah Senesh over the past years, and exciting to imagine the journey that still lies ahead. Together, the members of our school family form a powerful whole that is so much greater than the sum of its parts. I invite you to learn more about our wonderful school, a vibrant educational center for our community.


Nicole Nash
Head of School