October 13, 2016

Our Inclusive Community by Barbara McGlamery

Our Inclusive Community by Barbara McGlamery, Senesh Parent Openness, inclusion, empathy and support. These words perfectly describe Hannah Senesh to me.  We have been tremendously proud to call Senesh our home for the last nine years. Lorenzo, our oldest son, newly graduated in June, is now off to Little Red School House for high school. I was raised in Lake City, Florida. A town with maybe one Jewish family.  My own family was Southern Baptist.  I grew up with no hatred for Jews, in fact, Judaism was seen as the bedrock of Christianity. I was never a religious person.  Then...
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Yom Kippur and Science Exploration!

Reading During reading group this week one of the things we concentrated on was how to have a book discussion.  We talked about how readers “stop and think” as they are reading.  As we read we thought about the characters feelings and how we could take a look back in the story to find examples to support our ideas.  We also talked out how writers use commas when listing a series of ideas.  One example would be:  “Today at the grocery store we bought milk, eggs, and a box of cereal.” We also read the book Let’s Get a Pup!...
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